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Green Streak Pulling Team is preparing for the annual Sweep Across Indiana with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League. Points battles are close in both the Protect The Harvest Pro Stock class and the E3 Sparkplugs Super Modified Tractor class. In the Protect The Harvest Pro Stock class Brad Moss and his TS Performance Young Buck lead the points by 24 points over Mickey Shorter and his Buck Eater 2 machine. Third place and 43 points behind Moss is Corey Bobb driving the Barely Getting Bye tractor, tied for fourth is Steve Wischmeier driving the Whiskey Wild, and Cody Shay driving the Red Edge Pro. Both Wischmeier and Shay are 57 points behind Moss. In the E3 Sparkplugs Super Modified Tractor class it is the Stewart family’s Protect The Harvest Down & Dirty leading the points by just two points over Stan Shelton and his Shel-Shocked  machine. Tied for third place in the points is Ricky Long and his MavTv/Lucas Oil machine and Wayne Bunnage and his Keeps On Tickin’ tractor. Both Long and Bunnage are just eight points behind the Stewarts and first place. Rounding out the top five are two machines that are 14 points behind the Stewarts and tied for fifth place, Bill Leischner and his Speedco Dirtslinger and Steve Bunnage and his Takes a Lickin’ tractor.

2014 Point Standings
Finished Protect The Harvest Pro Stock Tractors Points
1 TS Performance Young Buck 342
2 Buck eater 2 318
3 Barely Gettin Bye 299
4 Whiskey Wild 285
5 Red Edge Pro 285
6 Under New Management 284
7 Lucas Oil Green Streak 281
8 Tinker Toy 279
9 Rollin’ Stone 274
10 Billet Binder 273
Finished E3 Sparkplugs Super Modified Tractors Points
1 Shel-Shocked 308
2 MAVTV/ Lucas Oil 304
3 Keeps On Tickin 298
4 Protect the Harvest Down & Dirty 298
5 E3 Sparkplugs Takes A Lickin 294
6 Speedco Dirtslinger 286
7 Geico 75th Addition 284
8 Lucas Oil Green Streak 276
9 Tonka Kentuckian 268
10 The iON Judge Next Generation 254
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